Creating Art – Loving the Art You Do

I don’t want to blog. I don’t want to write an article. I don’t want to work on the website. I don’t want to sell stuff. I just want to make art.It seems like most artists have this problem – they just want to be left alone to make art, to heck with all this other commercial stuff. The thing is, this is the first time I’ve ever felt like this in my artistic career.Don’t get me wrong; I love art, and I love making art. But for most of my life I’ve been more concerned with how my art was going to make me famous, rich, or both. I really didn’t give much thought to the fact that I really didn’t have much passion for the art I was creating; I fooled myself into thinking that I enjoyed the art that I thought would be most profitable. It wasn’t until I started getting disillusioned with the art that I was creating that I realized that I had never stopped and tried to find art that I enjoyed doing…I was too focused on what I should enjoy doing. I stopped dead and went on a quest to find new ways of making art. My exploration into what art I really enjoy doing led me to digital abstract art. Abstract is something that I love exploring the potential of, yet it is an art form that I never understood, and never would have seen myself doing before. Yet once I committed to only doing art that I enjoyed, I learned that I completely love doing abstract art. Weird, huh?What about you? Do you enjoy the art that you create, or have you let the inner demon or other people’s expectations drag you into something that you really (if you are completely honest with yourself) don’t like doing?Did one of your parents want you to be a certain something? Are you too afraid of what so-and-so would think? Are you blinded by the attitude you’ve always had towards a certain type of art? You might be keeping yourself locked away from an exciting art form.Why not try something completely new? If you want to try Digital abstract painting, sweet! It’s so much fun, and well worth testing. Is it pixel art? Cool! Go learn a little about it, and if you don’t end up liking it, who cares? Move on, then move on, then move on, until you find something you love. Don’t hold on to things for too long, or you may be stuck in something you hate for years. Go find the art you love!

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